Director's Profiles

Iain Grant

Iain Grant is the founder and one of the directors of Picasso Print and Design. He has worked his whole career in the printing industry and brings over 30 years experience to the business.

After completing his trade apprenticeship as an offset printer in 1983, Iain commenced full time employment as a printing machinist within the well-respected family owned and operated business, West Coast Print, which was, until its sale in 1997, owned and operated by his father Malcolm.

During his time at West Coast Print, Iain worked his way up to the role of production manager, then into estimating before moving on to open Picasso Print and Design in 1998.

Still very much involved in all aspects of Picasso Print and Design’s production facility, Iain continues to take a hands on approach to ensuring Picasso Print and Design remains the industry leader that it has become.  

Cobey Brader

Cobey Brader is partner and one of the directors of Picasso Print and Design. Like Iain, Cobey has spent an entire career in the printing industry and brings more than 20 years experience to Picasso Print and Design.

After leaving school at 16, Cobey took a traineeship in the printing firm that his father had worked in for 25 years. Through working in the print stores and as a factory hand, Cobey gained a valuable understanding of the print manufacturing process from the bottom up. Later, he moved on to clerical, customer service and administrative positions before commencing in full time print sales.

Seventeen years later and Cobey is still dedicated to print sales. He is passionate about representing his client’s best interests and maintaining their brand integrity through high quality printing. It’s a testimony to Cobey’s passion and business ethic, that many of his corporate clients have been with Picasso Print and Design for over 10 years.