Pre-Press (Metal CTP)

At Picasso Print and Design we understand you need the best technology to produce the best work and so we update our prepress software constantly to ensure we stay up to date with the latest technologies.  Our Computer To Plate (CTP) technology can image your electronic artwork direct to plate offering unrivalled colour accuracy and the sharpest picture quality.  CTP not only allows for the best possible printing quality and expediency, but it is also very environmentally friendly as there is no need for chemical processing and therefore no waste produced.

  • Truer colour matching
  • Better quality
  • Faster production time
  • And a big tick for the environment!
Printing 101
Can I make my printing more environmentally friendly?

Absolutely! Coupled with our technologies aimed at reducing environmental impact through our manufacturing process, we can provide a range of eco-friendly paper stocks and finishes to choose from to help further minimise the impact on the environment.